Workshop Registry

Registry of Initiative Contacts and Workshops (2016-2023)

Workshop Offered:Contact Person:
➺ Mental Health Conference-Andrea Dwyer
➺ Deeper Learning Conference-Robert Dolson
➺ Jack Hirose Conference-Rolynda Simpson
➺ Challenge and Change 2017-Sandip Sadhra
➺ Intersections 2016-Stacey Abraham
➺ Yoga Teacher Training-Cecile McVittie
➺ Level B Testing-Tara Ivanitz
➺ Inclusive Education-Brandy Wilkinson
➺ Making Sense of Anxiety-Kiki Vandermeulen
-Gino Coltellaro
-Emily Rouleau
➺ International Physical Literacy Conference-Sherry Stade
-Alex Inglis
➺ CANeLearn Symposium-Lorraine Balogh
-Kerri Halliwell
➺ POPARD-Naomi Shook
-Raeann Bottenfield
-Carly Herman
➺ Apple Distinguished Educator Academy-Jeremy Reid
➺ Nunya (African) Music-Lori Jane Froese
➺ Response Based Practice-Cole Levitt
➺ TESOL-Teresa Fedorak
➺ DP Biology-Eric Rustand
➺ Mindfulness for Educators-Tyler Van Beers
➺ Dancepl3y-Melissa Ryeo
➺ EMDR with Children and Adults-Angela Lawrence
➺ Challenge and Change-Alexis Gartrell
-Courtney Bruin
-Amy Hilton
-Courtney Markin
➺ FNESC-Jackie Niblock
-Brenda Celesta
➺ Daily 5 and CAFE , Math Daily 3-Amanda Brennan
-Lisa Carr
➺ BCAEA-Kiki Vandermeulen
-Stephanie Dean
➺ Alternate Education Conference-Erin Khelouiati
➺ Physical Literacy 101-Alex Inglis
➺ Intinerant Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference-Melanie Thomas
➺ International Positive Behavior Support Conference-Raeann Bottenfield
➺ BCAEA (Alternate Education)-Rob Dolson
➺ EMDR-Sandip Sadhra
➺ Speech, Language and Audiology-Danielle Commandeur
➺ Physical and Health Education Conference-Annemarie Watts
-Alanna Macdonald
➺ Response Based Certification Program-Cole Levitt
➺ Stress Management and Resiliency-Victoria Scott
➺ Motivation and Reinforcement-Cheryl Volkaert
➺ BC TESOL-Elizabeth Webber
➺ BC Tech Education Summit-Bret McLean
➺ Dr. Ross Greene’s 3 Day – Collaberative Proactive Solutions-Nicole Tomm
-Melanie Parker
➺ Holocaust Education-Nichelle Penney
➺ Play is the Way-Kate Lundgren
-Roseanna Covaceuszach
➺ Mosaic Sexual Health-Sherry Stade
➺ Hello Literacy-Maureen Plut
-Sherri Hoffer
➺ Carnegie Hall-John Hamblett
➺ UAV Training-Bryan Richard
➺ PBIS Conference-Raeann Bottenfield
-Cheryl Volkaert
-Sierra Haw-Melanie Parker
➺ Dr. Shanker-Cole Levitt
➺ ACT for Adolescents-Angela Lawrence
➺ e-Learning Network-David Comrie
➺ Yoga for Youth-Sandra Orlando
➺ National Business Education Conference-Ishar Litt
➺ Canoeing-Keiran Rankin
➺ Farm to School-Paul Denby
➺ Motivating Change-Kiki Vandermeulen
➺ PH and E Conference-Alex Inglis
➺ International Literacy-Jordan Smith
➺ Science Teachers’ Association-Morgan Whitehouse
➺ It’s All About Literacy-Trisha Persad
➺ French Resource/Novel Research-Michelle Cauchon
➺ Handwriting Without Tears-Sarah Dhaliwal
➺ Neurodiversity Conference-Teena Mangan
➺ BCASP Conference-Rita Buisson
➺ BC First Nations Land, Title and Governance-Amneet Kalan
➺ Crosscurrents-Jenny Morrison
➺ DECODA Conference-Nicklas Karpluk
➺ Leaning Without Tears K-5-Alissa Foster
➺ Handwriting Without Tears-Shannon Beeds
➺ Career Education Conference-Jami Griffiths
➺ Mindfulness-Tyler Van Beers
➺ Synergetic Play Therapy-April Wessel
-Renee Gurnsey
➺ Foundations-Pam Gurney
➺ Orton-Gillingham Training-Andrea Dwyer
➺ Orton-Gillingham Foundations-Pam Gurney
➺ Native Studies-Lynda Hall
➺ Restorative Practices Trainer-Cammy Plummer
➺ Canadian Study for the Study of Education Conference-Serena Reves
➺ Peter Liljedahl-Russett/McCormack
➺ Unified Mindfulness-Tyler Van Beers
➺ Language Therapy Advanced Foundations

-Danielle Commandeur

-Debra Moray

-Allison Tarlit

-Jennifer Gore

➺ Breathe for Change

-Jenna Ewert

-Vicki Scott

➺ Restorative Practices

-Cammy-Jo Plummer

-Teri Anne Wilson

➺ OG Practioner-Shannon Beeds
➺ Arts Specialist-Mel Gilmar
➺ Kendore Kingdom Pt. 1

-Amanda Nixon

-Sandra Fortems

-Lauren O’Neill

-Danica Allen

Maureen Plut

-Donna Thomson

➺ Kendore Kingdom Pt. 2-Donna Thomson
➺ DL Conference

-Jen Caputo

-Dave Comrie

-Gail McGee

➺ Oppositional Children-Katharine Gibbons
➺ Suicide Prevention-Kiki Vandermeulen
➺ Complex Trauma-Sheila McQuarrie
➺ Adult Ed. Conference-Laurel Seafoot
➺ Sand Clay Therapy-Sheila McQuarrie
➺ T.P.R.S. (languages)-Robert Beaudry
➺ Japanese Teacher Training-Tammy Ferris
➺ Investigation- workplace-Darcy Martin

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