October 23, 2020 Provincial Professional Development Offerings

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✍ What Does It Mean To Be Anti-Racist?

✍ BCAMT- Fall Conference 2020: Transformations

✍ A Meaningful Mess: Designing Meaningful Experiences for Today's Learners Specialist Association of Gifted Educators in BC (SAGEBC)

 BC Blended Digital Ed Conference 2020 BC Educators for Distributed Learning (BCEDLPSA)

 BC Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (BCTESOL) Conference 2020

✍ CUEBC 2020 Computer-Using Educators of BC (CUEBC)

✍ Catalyst 2020 Conference British Columbia Science Teachers’ Association (BCScTA)

✍ Celebrating Languages Without Borders 2020 BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages (BCATML)

✍ Classrooms to Communities: Lhtakoh–Where People, Place and Practice Flow Together Environmental Educators’ Provincial Specialist Association (EEPSA)

✍ Confronting Racism Aboriginal Education Association ( AEA)

✍ Crosscurrents Teachers of Inclusive Education British Columbia (TIEBC)

✍ Culinary Arts Education Online British Columbia Culinary Arts Specialist Association (BCCASA)

✍ Engage to Empower: Honouring Students as Creators, Thinkers, and Communicators BC Teachers of English Language Arts (BCTELA)

✍ Redefining Humanity’s Relationship with Planet Earth BC Social Studies Teachers’ Association (BCSSTA)

✍ Middle Years and Provincial Intermediate Teachers Association (myPITA) 2020 Fall Conference

✍ Montessori 150 and Beyond BC Montessori Teachers PSA (BCMTPSA) Montessori 150 and Beyond- retaining Montessori in the digital age by connecting through our hearts, hands and minds. BC Montessori Teachers PSA (BCMTPSA)

✍ Move Your Body: A Virtual Conference BC Dance Educators’ Association (BCDEA)

✍ Tools for Antiracist Educators: Confronting Antiblackness in School Communities Anti-Oppression Educators Collective (AOEC)

✍ Transformations British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers (BCAMT)

✍ Virtual LATA Conference 2020 Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association (LATA)

✍ World as Home Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association Conference (THESA)