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April 8th, 2020

TC² Partners, Colleagues and Friends,

The last week has been challenging and stressful for so many of you and yet you have inspired me with your Herculean efforts to support students. Districts everywhere have been trying to move heaven and earth to uncover inequities around technology, trying to get devices into students’ hands and finding innovative ways to extend internet service to those who don’t have it. Teachers have been connecting with families by phone to check in and re-establish connection. Educators at all levels have put in long hours to develop plans to help learning continue, pushed their own learning about digital platforms and navigated uncertainty around guidelines about online classes, assessment and evaluation and much more. I’ve seen messages about teachers using their dishwashers as whiteboards and answering student questions late into the night on online platforms.

In addition to the nightly salute to our healthcare workers, I’d like to add a moment of gratitude every evening for teachers. A toast, a sing-a-long, a happy dance… we’ll find something that will make you smile!

Since my last email a week ago, we’ve heard from many of you who are excited about our new
webpage with ready-to-post materials to support student learning from home. And we’ve been listening to what you’d like to see next.

We are excited to share the additions of free FRENCH materials to our new webpage, “Materials to support student learning online” which can be found at

As we continue to add materials, we’re now hearing requests for materials to support K-3 students, resources for parents, and ready-to-share lessons to help students engage thoughtfully in online forums. We’re on it! I look forward to sharing our progress with you in my email update next Wednesday and we’ll continue to use social media (see links below) to let you know as soon as things are added.

We also held three free 30-minute Zoom sessions this week to walk people through the webpage. Don’t worry if you missed them, we plan to host more and are hoping to post a link to a “guided tour” of the webpage shortly. 

We have developed a Menu of Supports we can offer through online sessions or resource development. Don’t hesitate to be in touch (contact info below) if you have any questions or ideas, or would like to learn more. Please feel free to pass this message along to your colleagues or post on social media.

Thank you for everything you are doing. Please take time to take care of yourselves as well as you’re taking care of everyone else.


Usha James,
Executive Director
The Critical Thinking Consortium

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