Professional Development Opportunities 

School Based Professional Development Days:  Each school's professional development committee has the right and responsibility for planning activities for members at the school. These activities can include an activity or many activities / workshops. As autonomous professionals, teachers may plan self-directed PD activities.  There are also district opportunities that arise.  In the interests of meeting individual teachers' professional learning needs, the school PD committee may determine to include these options along with the school the opportunities planned by the school PD committee. 

🔊 A Message from Your KTTA Pro D Chair Sharlene Marican

New AIM PD Options during Covid-19

Descriptions and Registration Links:

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✍ Can E Learn 2020 Digital Learning Symposium - Archived Sessions

 BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation - Resources and Information

  Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2): 

 TC2 Leading Thinking #3: Reimagining Professional Learning

✍ TC2 - Links to Online Learning and Resources

  Additional Workshop Opportunities:

✍ Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute On-Line Training - Workshops and Webinars

 BCTF Workshop Links for 2020-2021

✍ SD73 Digital Competencies

✍ Tech Talk