Local PD Opportunities 

School Based Professional Development Days:  Each school's professional development committee has the right and responsibility for planning activities for members at the school. These activities can include an activity or many activities / workshops. As autonomous professionals, teachers may plan self-directed PD activities.  There are also district opportunities that arise.  In the interests of meeting individual teachers' professional learning needs, the school PD committee may determine to include these options along with the school the opportunities planned by the school PD committee.  

Inclusive Spaces Pro D - Dec.3.  This session will be offered at SaHali Secondary by Nichelle Penney.  Other teachers are welcome to attend.  Nichelle will be looking at creating welcoming and safe spaces for  secondary students, particularly for aboriginal and queer students.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

 Burkins & Yaris Literacy Pro D - Dec. 3, 2018  @ Aberdeen Elem.  Contact: Darcy Martin, PD Chair

$50 Fee includes morning nutrition break and lunch.  Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris are the authors of Who's Doing the Work? How to Say Less so Readers Can Do More (2016) and Reading Wellness: Lessons in Independence and Proficiency (2014).  Jan and Kim write Burkins and Yaris - Think Tank for 21st Century LIteracy.  They will be in Kamloops to help and inspire teachers wilth practical ideas for teachings students to become increasingly independent and proficient readers and learners.