Leadership Workshops Registry

This is a list of all the workshops that have been sponsored by Leadership Grants. If you are interested in having one of these workshop presented to your School Staff, please contact the KTTA Office and your request will be forwarded to the presenter.
  • Immersion- What an Asset- assessment and differentiating instruction in immersion context.   (Rita Buisson)
  • Intensive Reading Intervention- help struggling readers/LD students with intensive remediation in immersion. Can also be used in English schools.  (Rita Buisson)
  • Executive Functioning Seminar- B.C. Childrens’ Hospital workshop focussing on students with extensive functioning issues.   (Jason Sirianni)
  • Teachers' Institute on Canadian Democracy - understanding the 'ins and outs' of the federal government.  (Susie Mabee)
  • School Psychologist’s Conference 2010- ethics as a school psychologist, supporting students with ADHD; support teachers to meet needs of students with FASD; administration of a new version of the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test.   (Faye Burles/Barb Nichols/Rita Buisson)
  • International conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
  • Understanding Adolescent Sexuality.
  • Respecting Aboriginal Protocols in the Education System.
  • Crisis Response Skills.
  • The Role of Schools in Promoting Social Development and Mental Health.
  • American String Teachers' Association National Conference (Kate Zahir) 
  • Learning Through the Arts (Susan Hallett)
  • Dance/Musical Theatre   (Lindsay Williams)
  • Canadian Society of Education through Art  (Sharon Richards)
  • Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers (Miriam Semeniuk) 
  • Students at Risk  (Naomi Shook)
  • Nordic Ski Instruction  (Robert Beaudry) 
  • ORFF Conference  (Lori Jane Froese) 
  • CAPSLE  (Jason Karpuk) 
  • Football Camp  (Todd Graham) 
  • Conference bridging the arts and integrate all disciplines.
  • Psychologists Conference  (Rita Buisson)
  • De Mots et de Crai'l  (Linda Dion)
  • High Five Leader Training  (Jennifer Jones) 
  • Google Teacher Academy  (Tracy Poelzer) 
  • Multimodal Communication  (Jason Sirianni) 
  • Collaborative Problem Solving  (Greg Wagner
  • Addiction, Mental Health, Youth  (Angela Lawrence)
  • Teaching Mindfulness to Children - Mindful Schools, Teaching Neuroscience Tools to Increase Wellbeing.       (Tyler Van Beers)
  • Google Apps for Education Summit  (C. McVittie, G. Hafeli, T. Beecher-Hafeli, D. Staginnus, L. Hall)
  • Empowering Literacy Leaders- Developing Successful Readers.  (Deanna Steptoe, Dianne Dean, Lorraine Brookes)
  • Supporting Literacy Learning Across the Grades, Language Storytime:  A Collaboration Between SLPs and Librarians, Enhancing Metalinguistic Skills during Classroom Word Studies and Multimodal Communication and Learning  (Allison Tarlit)
  • Law and Education:  En-CAPSLE-ating Human Rights  (Jason Karpuk)
  • 2013-2014
  • Kagan Win-Win Discipline  (Jacquie Hollingshead)
  • Technology - Precision Metal  (Matthew Marra)
  • Smarter Science; Inquiry Facilitation (Robert Wielgoz) 
  • Creative Mathematics  (Cynthia Morrow)  
  • Save Your Sanity  (Nicole Baldwin) 
  • PODD Communication Training  (Pamela Thomson)
  • 2014-2015
  • String Orchestra Rehearsal/Peformance  (Kate Zahir)
  • Education Innovation & Collaboration  (Cecile McVittie) 
  • Cross Currents - Special Education  (Bev Brown)  
  • Mindfulness  (Angela Lawrence)

  • Brain Science to Boost Memory  (Claire Sullivan) 
  • FNESC Conference  (Macgillivray) 
  • Mindfulness for Educators:  SMARTinEducation  (Tyler VanBeers) 

  • "Worries and Woes":  Dealing iwth Anxiety Disorders in School Age Children   (Virginia Calvert)
  • Mental Health (Andrea Dwyer)
  • Deeper Learning  (Robb Dolson)
  • Jack Hirose Workshop (Rolynda Simpson)
  • Challenge & Change 2017 (Sandip Sadhra)
  • Mental Health Conference (Angela Lawrence)
  • BCATA/CSEA (Sheila Stokes)
  • Yoga Instruction (Cecile McVittie)
  • Inclusive Education (Brandy Wilkinson)
  • Making Sense of Anxiety (Kiki Vandermeulen/Gino Coltellaro)
  • Physical Literacy (Alexandra Inglis)
  • CANeLearn (Lorraine Balogh/Kerri Halliwell)
  • POPARD (Naomi Shook/Raeann Bottenfield/Carly Herman)
  • Apple (Jeremy Reid)
  • Nunya Music (Lori Jane Froese)
  • Response Based Practice (Cole Levitt) 
  • Biology (Eric Rustand)