ProD Calendar 2020-2021

Monday September 28, 2020 School-Based Pro D
Friday October 23, 2020
Provincial Specialist Association Day 
Monday December 7, 2020 School-Based Pro D
Friday February 5, 2021 School-Based Pro D
Monday April 26, 2021 KTTA Pro D Day
Friday May 21, 2021 School-Based Pro D
Friday June 30, 2021 Administrative Day

 *Provincial Specialist Associations, or PSA's, organize provincial and regional conferences for colleagues. The PSA conferences for the year are highlighted on the BCTF's PD Calendar as well as in the PSA Conference Brochure.        

*KTTA Day is a conference planned by the Local KTTA Professional Development Committee.

*School-Based PD is organized by the school's PD Committee and staff members.

*Administrative Day is organized by Admin staff at each school.