Joint Labour Liaison Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Joint Labour Liaison Committee is founded in Article F.10 of the Collective agreement and allows the parties to discuss non-contractual issues. The purpose of the committee includes (but is not limited…):

1) To foster better relations and communication between the Employer and teachers through the Federation.

2) To cooperate to improve service to students

3) To consider suggestions from employees and management through their representatives regarding district-wide issues.

4) To seek clarification on practices within the district.

The Association has raised non-contractual issues brought up by members through school-visits, member contact and surveys. Examples of issues that have been raised recently includes:

1) Reporting – My Education BC and Fresh Grade,

2) Curriculum Implementation – Resources for Schools, Report from Implementation Committee, Release Time

3) Workload – Class Size / Composition (prior to re-instatement into the collective agreement)

4) Secondary Turn Around Days

The Association continues to press these and other issues on behalf of members with Trustees in attendance.


Chair – Josette Dalsin

President – Darcy Martin

1st Vice President –  Teri Allen-Innis