You may have seen the emails from the District with regards to the Employee Engagement Survey, which you will receive a link to fill out today.

We have gotten a number of questions about this survey, and wanted to wait until the survey was almost to you before we provided the following info:

Laurel and I have met with the company who has been hired by the District to take the raw data, compile it, and provide it to the District on two separate occasions in late 2017. We spoke to them in length about what concerns we see, as well as those that have been brought to the union since 2014 on behalf of members. We asked questions about confidentiality of employees who participate. We also shared our high concern should the District not act on the concerns that are expressed in the survey, as we also have to the District through the HR department.

We have been assured by the company that it will not be possible to identify any employee (from whatever bargaining unit they belong to), and that any identifiers will be removed by another company who is collecting the raw data prior to it ever reaching the District.

We have also been assured that the District has heard our concerns with regards to being responsive to whatever is shared in the survey. The company's representatives shared they expressed this with the District on two separate occasions as well.

We would encourage all teachers to participate in the survey at their convenience. The choice is entirely yours as to whether you would like to participate in the survey but the time is now to share what you would like to see the District continue to do, and what things you want to see them change.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by email at the office.

- Amanda and Laurel

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